ATA 2020 in the books

January 12, 2020

Well another ATA in the books.. This year I was invited to the Harmon Scents/Kwikee Kwiver booth by the new owner Zach Duell of Duell Shot Outdoors. 

What a great time, this young guy has a great vision for the future of both companies.  Its been over a year since Mr. Bill Harmon , my dear friend, has passed and I miss him a lot but hearing Zach's vision for the future is really exciting and Mr. Bill would be so happy.

The ATA has changed in the 12 years I have attended, it went from an event for companies to premiere their new products and dealers to visit vendors, place orders and make friendships to a Catwalk show.  Girls dressed in tight clothes, high heels and hair do's and make up done up like a model and guys ( some too old to wear this stuff too) in girlie bedazzled jeans and long coffered beards and hats 4 sizes too big who are as far from a true outdoorsmen then can be. 


Its become a sex sells show with folks walking around like rock stars.  With that said there are still those in the industry like Travis "T-bone" Turner, Roger Raglan and David Blantan that are still down to earth guys.  


So happy to see some great friends, get condolences from those about Mr. Bill and just network with others in the industry. 


I am very thankful to those that support what I do and the show and just want to take time to thanks those.


Todd Williams of X Factor Outdoor Priducts

Zach Duell of Harmon Scents/Kwikee Kwiver

Jon Syverson and Teri of Feradyne

Gary @ Protracker Archery

Kevin J with RAXX

Joel @ Shadow Hunter Blinds


It is always a great time and fun , enjoying things like the Craig Morgan concert, Badlands Film festival and other things that the ATA puts on. 


Looking forward to 2020 and revitalizing our show and website



















fiered beards .. its become a joke in a majority of the vendors minds I spoke with. 

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January 12, 2020

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