Late Season.. Great time to knock down a GIANT..

December 6, 2018

As the sun starts to set on Indiana's Whitetail seasons don't let the cold weather shy you away from taking out the bow or smoke pole.  

From my experience the late seasons produce some awesome hunting as deer are moving from breeding to feeding...  One thing a whitetail is a slave to is their stomachs and with a long January/February freeze coming they have to pack the fat back on to survive. 


Hunt transition areas, food sources and their routes.  Along with late season does that are coming back into estrous or young doe coming into their first estrous cycles it can be an exciting time.  

Firearm season pressure has subsided and these bucks are getting back into survival mode

Take advantage of this season ....  fill that tag...  just make sure you layer in good quality under gear and don't forget the heat packs too !



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