NRA and other organizations.. which one do you join ?




Well with the recent school shootings it seems the NRA is once again in the spotlight.   Which, as outdoorsmen and women , groups should we join ?


Well there are a huge number of organizations that you can join , most of which do a lot of good for the hunting/outdoor community. 

However follow a few basic rules before joining any group

1) is it something you support and are interested in?


2) what is the organizations administration cost?


Many groups do great things, but sometimes its about where you want your money to go.  I belong to the Delta Waterfowl and Whitetail Unlimited groups.  I like both because a ton of the money raised goes to LOCAL youth and organizations that support those areas of hunting. 

However one thing to watch in any groups is their overhead... aka.. "Administration expense".. Kind of like the now defunct Clinton Foundation, whose Administration cost were a huge majority of the expenditures ( over 85%)


Administration cost are part of any charity or organization, however a simple rule is 25% or less, meaning that 75% of the money raised goes to the cause.  I understand that it takes full time people to run these and they can't do it for free. However a majority of the money raised should go to the cause in my opinion.


Groups I feel are great are ones like the NRA, the NTA ( National Trappers Association) Delta Waterfowl, NWTF and Whitetail Unlimited, however there are a huge number more that do great things,


Just remember, check them out before joining and spending your hard earned cash


1) is this a activity I am passionate or interested in ?


2) What is their Administration cost ?


3) where does the money go, National or local ?

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January 12, 2020

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