Friends, life and Prayers

Wanting to talk today about friends, life and prayers.


This week started off with bad news from a dear close friend, mentor, hunting buddy and biggest fan and supporter. 

My buddy since 2005 Mr. Bill Harmon, founder of Harmon Deer Scents , was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. Sadly tumors were found on the liver and colon, and a blockage removed from the large intestine.  


News you never want to hear , however it also sets into place this network of fellow friends and family for prayers. 


Life isn't fair, never has been, never will be..  In the immortal words of  Rod Kimbel from the movie Hot Rod    " But life is pain, and we have to scrape the joy out it every chance we get".


Sounds corny but its true... life is full of ups and down, aches and pains, good days, bad days... that is what makes life...well... life....  


It must be why I also love bowhunting, it mimics life so well.  


I ask that you  all pray for my buddy Bill Harmon, he is a great man, ornery, but a heart of gold and willing to help anyone he can. He is the driving force behind my show and why, even though I want to quit a lot , I continue on doing what I do.


Thank you for the prayers



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January 12, 2020

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