Spring time scouting .. sheds n shrooms....

Well this is the time of year for more then just turkey hunting.  While you are out turkey hunting you can also be scouting for this falls deer season.


How you might ask ?


Well travel paths , rubs and even scrapes are still visible as vegetation and undergrowth is just starting to happen.

Sheds ... yes while out pre season turkey scouting look for sheds, kill two birds with one stone... ( did I say that ?)...

Sheds give you positive confirmation that bucks you might of had on camera or sighted last season have made it through.  It also indicates the areas that they where post season feeding... put that in your note book for next season. 

Shrooms... yes mushroom hunting also can be a time for scouting. You will be looking around trees, and you will find paths, trails, rubs and still remnants of scrapes. Put these locations in your notebook also. 


All of these finds will help you start to pin point that buck you are wanting to hunt in the upcoming season. 


Good luck during this turkey/mushroom hunting season and remember  to keep your eyes out for sign for this falls deer season





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January 12, 2020

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