Turkey season... prepare early...


Well sounds crazy, but Wild Turkey seasons are not that far off.. some starting the end of March.  


So what should you do now ?  well why not take the off season to prepare early... say what ?? Yes it will help pass the off season blues away by staying connected thru gear prep.  Remember old hunts and excitement for this season.


What to do:


1) get your turkey vest out, check for tears or bad zippers, 


2) Get out your calls, inspect and clean them. 


3) get the weapon you chose out and inspect it.


4) Start practicing your calls.. plus it drives the wife crazy :)


5) check your seat cushion, chair or whatever you sit on.


I am using the Summit Outdoors  Hunt Comfort Fat Boy seat.. why ? simply the BEST seat I have ever used. The gel material used is amazing and eliminates getting those cramps and legs falling asleep.  Check them out at :



Well good luck this season, remember pre season prep eliminates last minute panic... Don't start the season off on a bad note....    God Bless

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January 12, 2020

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