Post Season gear care after ... don't skimp.. do it right

Well for most of us big game seasons are over or almost. So what do you do with your gear ?  Just throw it in the closet and gun safes till next season ? WRONG....


Proper care AFTER season will result in an easier future pre season preparation.   Follow a few easy rules to ensure your gear and weapons remain in great condition


Guns:  Clean every gun used this season throughly. Then put away in your safe with a NEW moisture absorption package to ensure no rust or corrosion will occur. 


Bows:  Once again go over the entire bow, turn your draw weight down as far as you can to ease the tension on your string. Inspect your bow entirely for damage to cams, limbs, sights and arrow rest. Once again store it properly with some sort of moisture control inside the case.


Clothes: Wash all your clothes, dry, air out then pack away in an air tight container with baking soda sprinkled over your clothes to help with moisture and odor absorption.  You DON"T want to store dirty, blood soaked clothes for months on end.  Remember to go through all your pockets !!


Gear:  Calls, blow out, wash off, make sure they are clean and dry before storing away.  Electronics, TAKE OUT the batteries !!!  nothing can ruin electronics like yardage finders faster then a bad battery. 


Follow these few, easy steps to ensure when next season comes that your gear, weapons and hunting clothes are in great shape.  Saves time and money


Take care and God Bless




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January 12, 2020

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