Hero shots... make them count...

Well we all have done it... "hero shots" with animals we've either hunted , trapped of fished taken with our Cell Phones,  Only to find out later they turned out bad and no way to re take the picture. 

Follow a few rules of "hero shots" and you will be amazed


1st.  Clean the camera lens on your phone. Its very easy to have a small smudge that ruins the picture. It is hard to tell at the time. 


2nd.  Never have the sun behind you. Taking a picture into the sun never turns out bad. 


3rd.  Make sure your animal is in good position. Take the time to position it so it looks the best. 


4th.  Take several angles, low, eye level, angles.  Its better to have too many pictures then not enough.

Follow these few basic rules to better "hero shots"





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January 12, 2020

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