Trail camera time.... post season census....


Well as our big game seasons are wrapping up, now is the time to get out the trail cameras and take a census of what is left after the season. 

Soon , if they haven't started already, Bucks will be shedding antlers and you need to see what is left now. 


Trail cameras have came a LONG way since I started using them, however the premise and how we use them is still the same. They are a valuable tool for the hunter.

I like to use mine on video mode during season so I can see the direction of travel, however after season its back to picture time. 

Putting out corn , supplement feed and minerals and put the camera over them so you can get a good idea of what is left. 

There are many brands to use, I tend to use the cheaper ones due to theft, but you use what you feel works best. 




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January 12, 2020

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