Predator control.... git-r-done...

Well this is the time of the year to get serious with predator control.   Coyote, bobcat, fox, raccoon are just a few that can wreak havoc on deer, turkey , rabbit and game birds .

Predator hunting is fun, exciting and another way to pass the time and stave off the "off season hunting blues". And spend more time in the field with your buddies.


Predator calling is no joke, it must be taken as serious, if not more then big game hunting. Most predators are higher up on the food chain and require more thought. 


Electronic callers are awesome, I use Cass Creek Callers, like their new "I Hunt" caller that is ran from an app on your phone.  Motion and sound controlled by your phone, no more forgetting or losing of the remote.   


Best tip I can give is to be very careful on not only your set up, but your entrance into that set up. Predators have great eyes, ears and noses.. make sure you use the lay of the land and natural obstructions like fence rows to get into your sets... be patient also, things don't always happen right away.  But when they do the action is normal fast and furious.


Check out Cass Creek Callers like the I Hunt callers at :



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January 12, 2020

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