After Season Mineral supplements

January 5, 2018


Nothing is more beneficial this time of year then to put out mineral supplements for your deer herd.. Not only do the deer use them but rabbits , squirrels, birds and many other critters. 


Pregnant doe and breeding depleted bucks are in desperate need of not only nutrition but minerals to replenish their depleted supply and doe in need of proper minerals for health fawns.   No different then a pregnant mother and prenatal vitamins. 


Now not all minerals are the same, I am using Real World Wildlife minerals this year for my herds.  Why ? because they are balanced correctly for whitetail deer.   Ray Reeves of Lock N Load in Owego, New York, my food plot/mineral guru trust them, and I trust his experience and judgement


As always before using any mineral or alternate feeding program check with your states guidelines and laws to make sure what is legal. 


Here is a link to Real World Wildlife minerals:


and Ray Reeves is also your go to man for food plot/mineral site seminars, check out one of them if you can.. guarantee you will learn a ton

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