Safety Harness - Use them

January 5, 2018









Well deer season is wrapping  up, we are taking down our tree stands but this its he time to think about being safe.


With cold weather, brings frosty steps and ladder rungs along with tree stands, remember to use our safety harnesses..   


Too often we think, "oh its will be quick to take it down, or its not that high"  yet every season HUNDREDS of tree stand falls occur.   These accidents can wreak havoc on hunters, their families and the reputation of our sport.  

Safety harnesses do not take that much time, cost is very minimal but the benefits are priceless.  Missed work, medical bills or worst yet.. DEATH. 

Think it only happens to others ? well it can happen to us all, it happened to me in 2008.  Watch the attached video at 1:36

Hunters Specialty carries a huge variety of harnesses. And don't forget to add safety lines so you can be tied in from ground to stand and stand to ground. 








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