Well sounds crazy, but Wild Turkey seasons are not that far off.. some starting the end of March.  

So what should you do now ?  well why not take the off season to prepare early... say what ?? Yes it will help pass the off season blues away by staying connected thru ge...

Well for most of us big game seasons are over or almost. So what do you do with your gear ?  Just throw it in the closet and gun safes till next season ? WRONG....

Proper care AFTER season will result in an easier future pre season preparation.   Follow a few easy rules...

Had an amazing weekend , speaking at the Auburn Church of Nazarenes annual Sportsman Banquet then giving the sermon the next morning at church. 

During my speech part of it referred to how spiritual we outdoorsmen and women feel while being outdoors.

Well I believe that...

Well we all have done it... "hero shots" with animals we've either hunted , trapped of fished taken with our Cell Phones,  Only to find out later they turned out bad and no way to re take the picture. 

Follow a few rules of "hero shots" and you will be amaze...

Well as our big game seasons are wrapping up, now is the time to get out the trail cameras and take a census of what is left after the season. 

Soon , if they haven't started already, Bucks will be shedding antlers and you need to see what is left now. 

Trail cameras ha...

Well this is the time of the year to get serious with predator control.   Coyote, bobcat, fox, raccoon are just a few that can wreak havoc on deer, turkey , rabbit and game birds .

Predator hunting is fun, exciting and another way to pass the time and stave off the "of...

Well its ATA time of year... busy getting packed and ready for a hectic week, but fun.  Anxious to see so many good friends in the industry, its a hard few days on the feet but well worth it.

This year, as last, I will be at the X Factor Outdoor Products booth #2128

X Fa...

Well with big game seasons coming to an end the "season over" blues are setting in, however  we still have many other alternate seasons to keep us in the field.

One of my favorite hunting group activities is rabbit hunting.   Rabbit hunting is great for the younger hun...

January 5, 2018

Nothing is more beneficial this time of year then to put out mineral supplements for your deer herd.. Not only do the deer use them but rabbits , squirrels, birds and many other critters. 

Pregnant doe and breeding depleted bucks are in desperate need of not only nutrit...

January 5, 2018

Well deer season is wrapping  up, we are taking down our tree stands but this its he time to think about being safe.

With cold weather, brings frosty steps and ladder rungs along with tree stands, remember to use our safety harnesses..   

Too often we think, "oh its...

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January 12, 2020

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